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Bryant K. Hawkins Sr.


***Bryant was TechNation's Industry Influencer award recipient for 2023***

Bryant K. Hawkins Sr. boasts an impressive tenure of over three decades in the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) industry, holding the position of Site Manager at Trimedx in his vibrant hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout his extensive career, Bryant has been unwavering in his commitment to advancing patient care through the innovative use of technology and efficient service delivery.


Having lived and worked in diverse locales such as Florida and South Carolina, Bryant's career has seen him evolve from a hands-on Biomedical Equipment Technician to a strategic Director of a Biomed Department. A highlight of his professional life has been the opportunity to collaborate with his son, who has followed in his footsteps into the HTM field.


Bryant is known for his blend of technical wisdom and strategic leadership abilities. He is an engaged member of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and contributes his expertise to various boards and councils, including the AAMI Technology Management Council, TechNation Editorial Board and the Digital Advisory Board, alongside advising the ELST biomed program at Delgado Community College.


As a fervent proponent of lifelong learning and professional growth, Bryant is a regular at industry conferences, workshops, and seminars, keeping pace with the evolving trends and technologies in HTM. He is the voice behind 'HTM On The Line,' a podcast dedicated to elevating the profiles of HTM professionals. Moreover, Bryant inspires the HTM community through motivational videos, weekly blogs, and a monthly newsletter, all aimed at highlighting the invaluable contributions of the HTM industry to healthcare.


Bryant's visionary leadership and innovative approach have rightfully positioned him as a respected thought leader within the HTM community.

Brian Udermann

Brian Udermann Pic.jpg

Brian Udermann is a health and motivational humorist, and the author of “TV Rots Your Brain … Or Does It?” and “25 Ways To Cure The Hiccups.” Brian has been a professional speaker for over 20 years and his interactive and energetic style is entertaining and appeals to a wide variety of groups and organizations.  Brian speaks to school districts, colleges and universities, government agencies, small and large businesses, hospitals, non–profit organizations, and national and international associations. Brian's passion is encouraging people to laugh a bit more, stress a bit less and regain the healthy balance most people desire. 

Photo by: Dylan Overhouse Productions

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