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Meet the WBA Board


The Cheeseheads Running the Show

The Board of Directors


Alli Seiler of Trimedx

Darren Budde of Gundersen Health System

Michael Jeffers of Marshfield Health

Secretary, Mitch VonRuden of Mayo Eau Claire

Treasurer, Melissa Wilke of Gundersen Health System


WBA Chapter Delegates


WWBA: Ladd DaFoe of Gundersen Health System

WWBA: Travis Reeves of Mayo Eau Claire

EWBA: Brian Wallace of Philips Healthcare

EWBA: Don Cormier Jr. of Northeast Wisc. Tech. College

SWBA: Lani Barkowiak of ProHealth Care

SWBA: Deb Yang of Advocate Aurora Health

Northern WI: Morgan Wilcox of Marshfield Health

Northern WI: 

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