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Vendor FAQs

  • What is the earliest we can have the equipment delivered?

    • Items can be shipped as early as September 12th​

  • When does equipment need to be picked up?

    • Items must be picked up by September 19th​

  • Is there a shipping dock at the conference?

    • Yes! The address is as follows:​

    • 1020 N 7th Street, ATTN: Karli Tatum, Milwaukee, WI 53233

  • When can we begin to set up for the show?

    • You can begin setting up at 2:00 on September 14th 

  • What time is the vendor show?

    • The show will be held on September 15th from 10:15-12:45​

  • How do I know where my booth is located?

    • We will have each booth labeled by vendor name​

    • We will also do our best to provide you with a layout in advance

If you have any other questions, please reach out to

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