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It's bowling...
It's a fundraiser....
It's a bowling fundraiser!

Bowling Pins

September 14th 5:30pm at 
11737 West Burleigh St.

Includes food, sweet kicks (aka stinky shoes), and of course bowling! 

Sponsor a lane!
Each lane will be dedicated to one sponsor. And...of course this is not just a fundraiser, it's a competition!
Which sponsor's lane will score the most points??
Only one way to find out!
$250 buys you a lane with your name!!
Fine Print: 100% of proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund

We're raising money for our scholarship fund.
Who does it benefit? Great question!
We're supporting those entering the HTM field and those furthering their education.
Go on and get your smarts on people. Let us provide a little financial support along the way.
Apply for a scholarship here.

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