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Short Courses

GE Logiq E9

2 Day Course 

Technical Trainer: Carlos Vargas

Cost: $500  

                          Day 1 Basic Ultrasound                      Physics
Clinical applications
Piezo electric effect and transducers 
Types of Transducers
Ultrasound image/beam formation
Ultrasound system overview

Day 2 Theory

Software Navigation Software reload ACR Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Dale Munson has over 10 years experience as an instructor. He is the original designer and developer of all Medtronic training materials as well as the Biomed Connect website. 

Force Triad & FT10

3 Day Course

Technical Trainer: Dale Munson

Cost: $395

Education Tracks

Advances in AI and Bladder Scanning Technology

Presented by:

Daniel Petersen, Regional Sales Manager

Overview of AI technology and application into healthcare as well as explanation of the changes to how customer-focused can be handled.

Display Technology and Applications in Healthcare

Presented by:

Stan Swiderski, National Acct Manager, Vertical Sales-Healthcare

Stan will cover the basics and comparisons of current display technologies on the market: LCD, LED & OLED.

 What are DICOM standards? What are the current trends of large public displays in Healthcare? How do medical grade, commercial grade and consumer grade compare? Discussion will also include common video interfaces, common failures, future standards and when to replace.

Why Metrology Matters in Medical Device Quality Assurance Testing

Presented by:

Gerald Zion, Global Training Manager

The following engaging key points will be presented:

  • The importance of good metrology to patient risk reduction 

  • Infusion device testing

  • Chemotherapy

  • Cost of 

  • Litigation Risks


Initiation of Lactation: At Risk

Presented by:

Irene Zoppi, Clinical Educational Specialist

This one-hour program explains how mother's breast milk volumes are
initiated, built, and maintained throughout the breastfeeding journey.
The normal progression of human lactation is described along with normal
sucking patterns. A review of lactation risk factors are presented by
examining current research. Proactive interventions that can positively
impact lactation success are included in the presentation.

Women in Healthcare Technology

Panel Discussion Moderator:

Cheryl Dehnke, Medical Sales and Service Consultant

Steam Sterilization

Presented by:

Lisa Huber, Clinical Education Specialist

Lisa's presentation will detail steam sterilization (including the sterilizers used in the OR), wet packs (moisture) assessment, the importance of water quality, automated cleaning equipment and low temperature sterilizers.

Presentation by:

Doug Forbes, Regional Sales Manager

Doug's discussion will include the following:

  • Infusion Pump Analysis

  • NIBP

  • Metrology

Investigation of Medical Equipment Failure Hands on Clinic

Presented by:

Matt Dummert, Director of Healthcare Technology Management Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin

Challenges and Solutions by Today's Biomedical Department Leader

Panel Discussion Moderator:

Ron Laatsch, CBET

Presentation Topic To Be Announced Soon!

Presentation by:

Brian Wallace, Field Service Engineer

Presentation Topic To Be Announced Soon!

Ventilator and Medical Gas: Flow and Pressure Device Testing

Presented by:

Gerald Zion, Global Training Manager

Presentation to delve in to the following:

  • Live demonstrations of medical gas flow and pressure device testing with the opportunity for hands on participation

  • Side stream sampling device testing

  • 2 testing stations will be available

  • Q & A 

More Tracks Coming Soon!

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