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BAW Bylaws


 Section 1.                This organization shall be known as the Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin (BAW).



 The purpose of the BAW shall be to advance the development and role of biomedical technology in the health care institution by:

A.                Providing a medium for the interchange of ideas and the dissemination of information among members.

B.                Encouraging and assisting in conducting regular meetings, conferences and educational programs.

C.                  Encouraging and assisting members to develop their knowledge and to increase their competence in biomedical technology.



 Section 1.                Membership

Part A.   Members of the BAW shall be individuals interested in biomedical technology who are members in good standing of one of the constituent regional associations (chapters) which confederate to form the BAW.

Part B.  Corporate membership in the BAW shall consist of Manufacture or companies whose primary focus is related to the devolopement of biomedical services. (No regional affiliation needed)

Section 2.                Nondiscrimination

This organization or any representative of this organization will not discriminate in any manner on the basis of age, race, color, handicap, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status or religion.

Section 3.                Non-Profit Status

The Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin is organized exclusively for educational, scientific, and charitable purposes and shall remain a not for profit organization. It shall so be conducted that its income and earnings shall accrue to the benefit of all members. If the organization disbands, any assets upon dissolution of the Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin will be divided up among the regional associations in proportion to the number of paid members in each regional association.


 Section 1.                BAW Membership by Virtue of Chapter Membership

 Individuals become members through their membership in one of the existing regional associations (chapters), which comprise the BAW.

Groups with an interest in biomedical technology may petition to become chapters of BAW. The Board of Directors may set standards or criteria that must be met by petitioning groups before recognition as a participating chapter is conferred.

Section 2.                Membership Categories

 Part A.                 Active Membership

Active membership shall be granted to persons in the biomedical field, who are employed by a clinic, hospital, shared service organization, equipment manufacturer or government agency, and are chapter members in good standing.

Part B.                Student Membership

Part 1.               Student membership shall be granted to persons currently enrolled in a biomedical technology, biomedical engineering or clinical engineering program and who are chapter (including student chapter members) members in good standing.

Part 2.                Student members will be non-voting members. Student members may not hold office nor be delegates.

Part C.                Corporate Membership

Part A.                Corporate membership shall be granted to corporations who contribute to the advancement of biomedical technology, biomedical engineering or clinical engineering.

Part B.                Corporate members will be non-voting members. Corporate members may not hold office nor be delegates.


 Section 1.                Meetings of the Board Directors

Part A.   The Board of Directors shall meet not less than once a year. The president may call additional Board meetings.

Part B.                A quorum of at least half the board members shall be present to conduct a board meeting.

Section 2.                Meetings of the Full Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin

Part A.                A regular meeting of the BAW will be held annually in conjunction with an Annual Conference.

Part B.   Special meetings may be called by the Board of Directors. Thirty (30) days notice of a special meeting shall be given to all members whenever possible. 


Section 1.                Makeup and Terms of Office for the Board of Directors

Part A.   Officers will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officer terms shall be for one year with no term limits.

Part B.   Two Delegates from each region shall be elected for a two year term. Delegates are to be elected at the last spring meeting for each regional chapter. Terms of office for new delegates commence with the BAW Board of Directors meeting proceeding with the annual conference and extend through the end of the annual conference two years later. One Delegate each elected on alternating years.

Section 2.                Eligibility Requirements for Officers

The officers of the BAW shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. They shall be elected from the delegates constituting the Board of Directors. When possible, the officers shall represent different chapters. All chapter nominations that have been elected by their local chapters as state delegates for the upcoming term are also eligible to be elected a state officer.

Section 3.                Time of Election of Officers and Terms of Office

Officers shall be elected at the annual conference of the BAW. The new officers shall be installed in their offices at the conclusion of the annual conference. Any officer whose (2) two-year delegate term expires during office shall continue the term of office, but not necessarily as a delegate.

Section 4.                Replacement of an Officer Unable to Continue in Office

In the event that an officer shall become unable to perform the duties of the office, the president shall appoint a member of the board of directors to serve as the acting officer until the next election.


Section 1.                Duties of the President

The president shall preside at all board and BAW meetings. It shall be the president’s duty to exercise general supervision over activities and welfare of the BAW.

Section 2.                Duties of the Vice President

The vice president shall assume all duties and responsibilities of the president in the absence or incapacity of the president. The vice president shall be the president elect and shall assume the presidency at the conclusion of the Annual Conference. The vice president shall serve as the chairperson for the Jim Kipp Memorial Award Committee and Nomination Committee.

Section 3.                Duties of the Secretary

The secretary shall issue notices of meetings, keep a roster of members, distribute the roster to all regional groups, file an annual report and perform such duties as may be requested by the president consistent with these bylaws, and with policies and other commitments of the BAW. The secretary shall attend and keep minutes of the BAW meetings and board of directors meetings. In the event of the secretary's absence from a meeting or temporary inability to perform the duties of office, the president shall appoint a temporary secretary to carry out the functions of secretary. The secretary shall provide a copy of minutes and BAW meetings to all board members within thirty (30) days after the respective meeting.

Section 4.                Duties of the Treasurer

The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds, books of account, and all valuable papers of the BAW. The treasurer shall keep a set of books of entry containing in detail, the financial transactions of the BAW. All receipts shall be deposited within one week of their receipt in the bank prescribed by the board of directors. The treasurer and/or president shall have authority to sign all checks, drafts and notes drawn by the BAW. The treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet and present it at each board meeting. The treasurer shall compile the rosters of all chapters as reported from the chapters for the annual membership report. The roster will list all active members, student and corporate members for the coming year. The roster will be given to the secretary and a copy given to each member if such is requested.


 Section 1.                Nominations

Part A.   The president shall appoint a nominations committee no later the 30 days prior to the annual meeting. The committee shall nominate one or more persons for elections as vice president, secretary, treasurer and such other persons for any office as the committee deems proper. Prior to announcing its decisions, the committee shall contact the person proposed to be nominated for an office and determine if the person is willing to run for election. The committee shall give due consideration to balanced representation among the chapters in its deliberations.

Section 2.                Elections

Part A.                The candidate with the largest number of votes will be elected for each office being filled.

Part B.   No person shall be elected to office that has not been an active member of the BAW for at least six (6) months.

Part C.   Each active member present at the election meeting will have one vote, and no member shall vote by proxy.


Section 1.                 BAW Committees will be formed to help in the allocation of critical duties.

Section 2.                Appointment of Committees

The president, annually, upon assuming office, shall appoint the following committees from among the members:

1. Nominating Committee, whose duty it shall be to present nominations for elections to be held at the annual committee.

2. Audit Committee, which shall audit the financial records of the BAW and present its findings at the annual meeting.

3. Jim Kipp Memorial Award Committee 

The Jim Kipp Award Committee, whose duty it shall be to solicit nominations for this award, and to present it at the annual conference to the individual most deserving according to the criteria.

4. Conference/educational committee Chair whose duty it will be to oversee all annual conference preparations and educational courses.

5. Scholarship committee, whose duty it shall be to review scholarship applications. Submit to the board an acceptable candidate for the award at annual banquet.


Section 3.                Committee Duties

All Committees shall develop goals, objectives and an annual budget and submit them to the board of directors for their approval at the first meeting after annual conference.

1.       Nominating Committee

                                          Present any nominations for officers to the board at meeting before annual conference.

      Ensure candidates are willing to accept office if elected.


2.       Audit Committee     


Ensure accuracy of BAW financial statements.

Review treasurer report and approve at meeting prior to annual conference.

Initial ledger to verify review.


3.       Jim Kipp Award Committee


This committee will be chaired by the Vice President and will be comprised of the senior delegate from each chapter. If the senior delegate has been nominated for the Jim Kipp Memorial Award, the junior delegate is also nominated, one person from that chapter who is not a board member of the BAW will be appointed by the BAW Vice President to be on the committee.


4.       Conference/educational committee

This committee is not meant to dissuade participation from the region hosting the annual conference but to help in establishing more consistent outcomes. Consolidate lists and ideas from all regions in order to better the final product. Consolidation of the list of contacts within the BAW will give vendors and manufactures a consistent contact person. This will make each coming year easier and smoother far all involved. Educational tracks will have the capability of progressing through a hierarchy and provide better educational opportunities for our members.



5. Scholarship committee

The scholarship program has been established to provide opportunities for growth in the biomedical field.





Section 4.                Reporting Responsibility

Committee activities shall be reported to the board of directors.



Section 1.                Membership Fees

Individual membership fees will be set by the separate regions of which $2.00 will be forwarded to the BAW treasurer for BAW dues.

Corporate Membership will be set at $50.00.

Each chapter shall send their roster to the state treasurer no later than January 1. The roster will list include:

1. All paid members classified according to Article IV of these bylaws.

2. Chapter officers for the coming year.

Section 2.                Other Information

Each chapter shall send to the state secretary a copy of the minutes for each meeting, notices for chapter education programs or seminars, active member publications in professional journals, and individual member attendance at professional courses, programs and seminars.



The board of directors may expel any member who neglects to comply with these bylaws or whose conduct is detrimental to the BAW. Before the board of directors and can expel the member, written charges shall be filed with the board of directors and the secretary shall furnish the individual a copy of the charges and a notice of the time and place where the board will consider such charges. The member may appear before the board to answer such charges and present such proof as the member may have relative to the charges. After such hearing, the directors shall determine whether or not the member shall be expelled. The decision of the board shall be final.



These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed by a simple majority vote of the members at the annual or a special meeting.



Each chapter shall adopt bylaws to govern its procedures and operations. No chapter bylaws shall conflict with the bylaws of the BAW.


Revised September 30th, 2005                            




New items


Conference committee: This committee is not meant to dissuade participation from the region hosting the annual conference but to help in establishing more consistent outcomes. Consolidate lists and ideas from all regions in order to better the final product. Consolidation of the list of contacts within the BAW will give vendors and manufactures a consistent contact person. This will make each coming year easier and smoother for all involved. Educational tracks will have the capability of progressing through a hierarchy and provide better educational opportunities for our members.


The conference committee shall be comprised of members of the BAW board and delegates until regular appointees are found.

All members of the BAW board are expected to help in the planning of the conference until regular appointees are found.

A conference chair will be appointed by the President of the BAW to lead the group.

The conference chairperson will appoint sub committee chairs. 

Conference chair and sub committee chairs may serve for an indefinite term of office.


Conference chair duties:

                        Conference committee chair shall oversee all aspects of the conference planning and report back to BAW at all quarterly BAW meetings.

                        Appoint a co-chair from the host region to assist in planning.

                        Appoint sub committee chairs as needed.

                        Establish protocols and procedures for all committees.



Sub committees:


                        Media page


                        House manager


                        Course committee



                        Media Committee Duties:

                                    Responsibility of updating the web with any and all information submitted from individual committees.

                                    Obtain advertising for web, conference booklet and flyers.


                        Vendor Committee Duties:

                                    Coordinate with house manager to ensure vendor booth space and facilities.                      

                                    Keep list of Vendors (region Specific) in a database for reference.

                                    Contact vendors to fill vendor show.

                                    One booth space needs to be reserved for BAW


                        House Manager Duties:

                                    Plan location for the annual conference one year in advance.

                                    Meal planning and breaks

                                    Food and refreshment during Vendor show.

                                    Room allocations as needed for breakouts courses.


                        Recreation Committee Duties:

                                    In charge of vendor show prizes

                                    Establish activities for the evening after hour get together.

                                    In charge of booking keynote speaker.


                        Course Committee Duties:

                                    Work to obtain quality educational tracks for the conference.

                                    Track attendance at the sessions and issue CEU’s.

                                    Establish a hierarchy of sessions to further educational competencies.

                                    Sessions may be in form of all day courses or one-hour tracks.






            In order to provide an opportunity for corporations to join the BAW a corporate membership has been established.


            Corporate membership benefits:

                        Link from BAW page to their site.

                        Membership list of all active members




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